Technical Excellence

Technical Excellence

The objective is to strengthen the core insurance business and achieve technical excellence in order to enhance profitability and deliver sustainable growth. TechEx leverages skills and best practices within the Group, and is one of the most ambitious programs the Group has ever launched. It is a true journey and brings together people from all of Generali’s core businesses: Life and Property & Casualty Insurance, Claims Management, and Customer & Distribution.

Achieving technical excellence means ensuring that state-of-the-art insurance technical practices - tariffs, products, underwriting, claims management, distribution and client centricity - are in place in all relevant business units. A country by country personalized approach is adopted, allowing Group priorities to be applied in a way that is consistent with local market realities.
Building world-class technical capabilities in Life, P&C, Claims and Customer & Distribution is the key to competing and sustaining our performance.

TechEx is working in this respect on different levels. It is completing the sharing of best-in-class solutions and practices with “learning by doing” experiences that include temporary assignments to competence centers and global projects and with proper internal training solutions for the technical community. One of the main contributions coming from a global company is the opportunity to create networks of experts from different countries to exchange experience and to develop innovations and new ambitions. Dedicated communities have been created in Life, P&C, Claims and Customer & Distribution, where professionals meet regularly in live sessions, WebEx seminars and forums.

Gross achieved and expected benefits

"TechEx is a journey and a journey is not confined to a single act. It is rather a habit. The habit of doing ordinary things extraordinary well".
Valter Trevisani, Head of Group Insurance and Reinsurance

Focusing on Group high priority initiatives, with a personalized approach by country


  • In-force management
  • Saving guarantee management & Unit Link
  • Development of protecion business
  • Product portfolio and tariff simplification


  • Technical pricing
  • Portfolio cleaning
  • Price optimization
  • Telematics

Claims management

  • Bodily injury
  • Material damage claims & vendor management
  • Fraud management
  • File review

Customer & Distribution

  • Distribution efficiency
  • Multi-channel approach
  • Leveraging existing client base (cross sell and retention)