Distribution opportunities

Distribution opportunities

Client behaviour is changing, clients not only seek verbal advice and information about insurance products but also seek information in digital format. Based on these developments, Generali has been working on a Group strategic initiative “Enable true multi-channel distribution”.
Our ambition in terms of multi-channel and multi-access is to satisfy these new tendencies in both the client and the market through four main initiatives:

  • Lead management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
  • distribution platforms;
  • customer portals;
  • products and pricing.

The Captive network remains one of the most important channels of distribution that the Group intends to strengthen by providing the right set of tools and services, such as distribution platforms. To provide a better service to clients via the captive network, Distribution Platforms must be very advanced and well integrated (e.g. with CRM).

As a Group we aspire to our Target Vision which is made up of all the elements required for meeting future client expectations with regards to multi-access/multichannel approaches.

A selection of case studies that demonstrate our capacity to deliver our Multichannel target vision are:

  • “Agenda Commercial” from Spain – salesforce effectiveness tool that is strongly correlated to the management of salesman performance;
  • “myGenerali” from Germany – a fully integrated Front-end and Back-end solution;
  • “EasyTab” from Generali Italy – end-to-end tablet solution for the life insurance network.

Direct channels continue to play a significant role in our distribution model. Leveraging on the capabilities and success stories in the Group (Italy and Germany), we have developed a direct distribution platform in various emerging markets, for instance, in Turkey.