Client opportunities

Client opportunities

The main goal is to highlight the deep change occurring in our way of doing business, that is through a customer vision.

For Generali, becoming a true client-centric company means focusing on insurance solutions, sales channels and operations, while keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do. In this respect evaluating customer experience is increasingly important and requires a dedicated approach. The Group is developing the Generali Net Promoter Score, which has become an important tool for evaluating the service we provide to the insured. The Net Promoter Score is based on customer opinions and on the principle that if customers recommend Generali to, for example, their family, colleagues or friends, it means that they are satisfied with the way the Group has worked for them.

In 2014 we increased our investments in order to better understand our customers’ behaviour and the factors which most affect them in their decision making process. We conducted a survey on the brand awareness, involving 20,000 clients in 21 countries who reported that their purchase choices were influenced by the following factors:

  • insurers offer an adequate coverage in relation to the premium requested;
  • they take into consideration customer needs;
  • they interact with clients;
  • they have an open and approachable staff;
  • they deliver on the promise.

As a consequence, interactions with customers during the purchase greatly increased also due to digitalization, which has allowed customers to have a low-cost access to information and compare policies, for instance according to service and price.