Group highlights and Insurance performance

Group highlights and Insurance performance

Group Highlights

Insurance Performance*

Strong increase in written premiums driven by unit-linked policies. Signicant increase in APE thanks to single premiums performance. Operating result increased due to positive technical performance.

€ mlnGross written premiumsAPEOperating results
  49,813 5,163 2,978
% 11.2 14.2 15.2

*For more information on the segment reporting review, please see Appendix to Management Report.

Stable written premiums, differing between countries. Improving COR, in particular owing to the positive performance of the loss ratio. Strong increase in Operating result.

€ mlnGross written premiumsCOROperating results
  20,617 93.8 1,831
% 0.2 13.1
p.p.   -1,9