About the Report

About the Report

Consistently with the approach to corporate reporting adopted in 2013, we have decided to also prepare a 2014 Annual Integrated Report, in accordance with the principles included in the International <IR> Framework. We strongly believe that such approach is an innovative and efficient way to communicate our ability to create value in a sustainable manner over time. Our commitment to the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) carries on through the <IR> Business Network, the ideal continuation of the <IR> Pilot Programme that officially ended in September 2014 and to which we participated since 2012. The Insurance Network, where we co-chair, has been set up within the <IR> Business Network, with the aim of developing, sharing and spreading best practices for drawing up of an integrated report in
the insurance sector.
Our integrated report meets both the International <IR> Framework and the existing compliance requirements, taking into consideration the different information needs of the final users: the Annual Integrated Review becomes an Annual Integrated Report, as indicated below.

Considered also the suggestions from our stakeholders, our report has been further improved in the connectivity of various sections, thus allowing the final users to read in a more fluent and logically coherent manner, and in conciseness. The Annual Integrated Review is available in an interactive version on the Group website.

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Responsibility for the Annual Integrated Review

The Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. is responsible for the preparation of this report. Under its responsibility the reporting process was conducted applying the Guiding Principles and Content Elements envisaged by the International Framework.

Please send to integratedreporting@generali.com your comments and opinion on the report